Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 Opinion Editorial topic ideas

C) The parking arrangement on BYU campus is in need of a change because (R) students and faculty are having to come hours earlier than their classes just to get a parking spot.

Assumption: If a better parking arrangement was made then students and faculty would not have to give hours to get a parking spot.

(C) More professors should make their lectures and power points available because (R) students are unable to write or type the notes down as quickly as the professor would like, thus making the information difficult for students to comprehend.

Assumption: If a professor let their students have access to the power points and lectures then students would be able to listen more to what the teacher is saying instead of hurrying to get the notes down.

(C) The dress code here at BYU either needs to be equally enforced or we should not have a dress code because (R) many people get away with inappropriate dress on campus while others are called out on it and required to go change.

Assumption: If the dress code was more equally enforced then people would obey it more often and others would not complain of the unfair experiences they witnessed.


  1. With the Power Point thing you need to address how if professors put up Power Points online then student attendance to the class could decrease. Just make sure that you address that counter argument.

  2. also i would be surprised if there are classes that are solely dependent on the professors powerpoints. usually there is a text accompanied and the power point are just to clarify principles. and if you cant type or write as fast as the professor teaches...its probably your note taking skills need improving. i also dont think its necessary that you take down notes verbatim.
    you may want to take these things into consideration.


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