Thursday, September 16, 2010

James H. 2pm

1. Claim: The government should lower taxes for the rich.
Assumption: The rich already have too high of taxes.
Reasons: The rich own businsses and would use that extra money to hire people; the rich would spend more and improve the economy; the rich shouldn't have to bear an unequal tax burden compared to the poor.
2. Claim: The Mormons should lead the way in tolerance toward Muslims.
Assumption: There have been many recent examples of intolerance.
Reasons: Mormons have been the object of religious persecution before; the Church leaders work with Islamic leaders and organizations; the extremists misrepresent Islam.
3. Claim: BYU needs to rent scooters and bikes and triple their parking spaces for them.
Assumption: Parking is a problem at BYU.
Reasons: Improved parking, pollution, health, and will save money for students.


  1. I agree with your first assumption. At least for me it doesn't make sense that those that work hard have to pay for those who don’t. The only advice I would give is to know your counter-argument well. In my sociology class we are studying about poverty. One fact that kind of amazed me was that like the top or richest 20% of The United States citizens makes like 80% of the our annual income. Basically out of every 100 people in the US, the top 20 make 80% of what all the 100 make together. Therefore the other 80 people have to share the 20% that is leftover. My facts may be wrong. I'm not positive about the percentages and this study was done a few years ago. I just read the article this morning, but I can see why someone may argue that the rich should pay more. It would be difficult to be the 80 people, get so little and then have to pay the same as someone who makes 10 times more.

  2. For your third idea, you might want to consider talking about increasing the busses as well, they also can help inprove the parking problem without making any considerable changes to the parking lot, aka painting new lines for the new scooter parking.

  3. Another valid point you could argue on your first claim is that if the rich had more capital in their pockets, they are probably going to spend it on more business ventures, thus benifiting the people that need money to work for them, which in turn stimulate growth in the economy. When the rich feel like they don't have etra money they wont be as entrepenurial and they economy would slow.

  4. I agree that parking should be improved. There are many more students than there are parking spaces available. Improving it would help students greatly.

  5. I enjoyed your third idea because at first i really questioned the reality of it. it caught my attention and made me want to know why you felt in such a manner. If you went on in your OP ED and showed me how you were planning to triple the parking spaces you would have convinced me to your side.

  6. you have some great ideas for your OP ED assignment. for the parking one I would say... that would be hard to argue only for the fact that the counter argument would be not only cost of builing more parking, but of finding space to put the parking.


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