Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 op-ed ideas, section 34

claim-People do not fully understand the Arizona immigration law or situation
reasons-many people have not read it fully and only listen to what others say, people not from Arizona don't see the effects of illegal immigration as much
Assumption-Illegal immigration is bad
claim-The freshman mentoring program should not be forced on students
reasons-the bundle limits students choices, the bundles make it harder to get class times that you want
assumption-the reader wants more options for classes
claim- BYU should bring back the wrestling team
reasons- many students who wrestle would love to have a team and it would allow more students to get scholorships
assumption-wrestling is a good sport to have in college


  1. I think 3 could be a good argument if you got into how it could benefit both the students and the school, and what makes it a "good sport." Maybe touch on why they stopped having the wrestling team, and note why it would be acceptable to bring back.

  2. People from California see the effects of illegal immigration and have also been vocal against the immigration law.

  3. I agree with your second idea. The freshman mentoring bundles forced me out of choices for classes that I wanted so I was forced to take them at a different time or day.


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