Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Matt 2pm

Idea 1. The Honor Code is creating a system where people's spirituality is being based on an external checklist.

Idea 2. BYU's art programs should receive more funding because that is where the beauties in our society lie.

Idea 3. True relationships are becoming harder to forge because of the wedge that is technology.

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  1. Matt,

    These are all interesting ideas to explore for your OpEd. For your first idea, I want to see a lot of specific examples of how our spirituality is being harmed, but you also want to be careful you don't confess people's problems in a paper (even if it is with their names changed).

    The art program argument is an interesting one. The first information I would want is how much funding the art program currently receives and how this compares to other programs. I would suggest an interview with someone in the art department to discuss with them their funding.

    Lots of people have been talking these days about relationships and social websites. I think this is definitely a timely topic, I just want to see you focus it to a specific aspect of society (like social websites Facebook, MySpace, etc.).


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