Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nick Nelson 11am

Claim: Dining Plus should be able to be used at the creamery on 9th

Reasons: 1-Students pay money so they can use their dining card on campus, but they can't at the creamery on 9th
2- Other meal plans can use their cards at the creamery on 9th
3- the creamery on 9th sometimes has lower prices
4- When friends get together from different on-campus housing, it limits options

Assumption: students who pay money to eat anywhere on campus what to eat ANYWHERE on campus

Claim: The amount of hours you meet on campus should match the amount of credit hours
Reasons- 1 you are learning and reviewing enough material to take a certain amount of time, so you should get college credit for that time.
2. Instead of being able to work on Homework you have to spend time and get credit for attending classes and recitations

Assumptions: Students want college credit for time they spend in the class

Claim: On campus housing shouldn't have Room Checks
Reasons-1 you pay to use the room, as long as it is clean at the end of the term or lease it shouldn't matter
2. Personal cleanliness is a choice, it shouldn't be enforced
3. All they do is touch your desk and you pass the clean check, the rooms don't have to be that clean

Assumption: being personally responsible for you cleanliness is a choice


  1. We really should get to eat ANYWHERE we want because students who pay for the dining plus plan, pay around $4,000 for the fall and winter. It's not fair that we can't use our dining card at the creamery on ninth.

  2. Have you ever seen a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in a while and then try to clean it? Well it doesn't matter how much cleaner you use it's still going to look gross. The same way with the dorms. The cleaning checks are there so the dorms can get regular cleaning so they don't have to refurnish the dorms every year.

  3. i really like the idea about eating anywhere on campus. we pay tons of money to eat at maybe 3 or 4 places, you should argue for them to add more places to eat too.

  4. i think that you should go with the first isnt fair that we pay so much money for limited and more expensive places


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