Friday, September 17, 2010

Mark Olsen, 2 pm

Claim- Off campus housing should not have as many rules as it isn't even part of campus.
Reason- We should be able to excercise moral agency as adults, and still be able to maintain the standards required by BYU.
Assumption- Students have moral agency.

Claim- Students should be able to ride long boards on campus.
Reason- If people can ride bikes, why not long boards.
Assumption- Students would ride long boards as an effective way of transportaion if there wasn't a rule prohibiting it.

Claim- Professors should have to post all assignments that are due on blackboard.
Reason- It's very annoying to have to check 2 or 3 different websites, and a syllabus to see what assignments are due, in every class.
Assumption- Students are annoyed with having to check so many different places to fulfill assignments.

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  1. Mark,

    Lots of people have brought up long boards this semester. I just want to point out the main counterpoint with this argument is that the administration is worried it would lead to problems with skateboarders (both students and non students) making BYU their next skate park. I realize long boards and skateboards are not the same thing, but if they allow one, people could also make a strong argument for the other.

    My other comment would be on blackboard and the issues of dependability. Many teachers have stopped using blackboard because it is often down or having technical issues that prevent both the student and the teacher from accessing it.


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