Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tevan Ratliff OpEd 2pm

1. Claim: Fall/Winter rent should not be twice that of spring/summer

Reason:The time of year has nothing to do with the price of rent. Students have less time to work and have to pay tuition and more expensive rent. Its basically extortion. Apartments charge more because they can and student have a harder time affording it.

Assumption: Students don't want to pay more for housing just because of the time of year

2. Claim: Visiting hours should be extended

Reason: How many college students nights end at 12? You are more likely to catch all of my roommates in the kitchen at 2am than at any other time. Once I turned 16 I never had a curfew and now that I'm an adult in college living on my own I essentially have one at 12. We can make good decisions on or own and don't need them to be made for us.

Assumption: extending visiting hours will be beneficial to students and no we will not turn into pumpkins.

3. Claim: The testing center needs to be made more relaxing
Reason:The testing center sucks hope and happiness form anyone unfortunate enough to enter it. It is a discouraging place to take a test that determines your final grade in a class. If it were less stressful students get better grades.

Assumption:The testing center is awful place and students do worse on tests in such a stressful environment.


  1. Your testing center claim is interesting and I think a lot of people will agree with you. One thing you could do is identify a few specific reasons why it is stressful so it is a more objective argument instead of subjective.

  2. Tevan,

    James H. makes an excellent comment. Also, make sure you address the counterpoints involved with visiting hours, like chastity concerns. The first argument is a good one, just keep in mind the reason Spring/Summer is cheaper might have to do with supply and demand. And what if the result in changing this would be simply to raise the prices of Spring/Summer?


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