Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kailey Trussel 11 AM

Claim 1: Fruit should be sold in the Helaman Halls Creamery.
Reason 1: Fruit is an essential part of healthy adult's diet and students have no access to it besides the Cannon Center.
Assumption 1: Fruit is necessary to be healthy and is unavailable to Helaman Halls students

Claim 2: There shouldn't be cleaning checks in dorms
Reason 2: Cleanliness is a personal choice and shouldn't matter until end of the term
Assumption 2: Cleanliness isn't important to enough to be checked up on by RAs

Claim 3: Dollar theaters are a brilliant idea
Reason 3: Poor college students get to enjoy an excellent movie for a cheap price
Assumption 3: College students like dollar theatres


  1. I like your first idea, it's pretty hard to eat healthy when all the snacks in the vending machines are chips, and the creamy consists of mostly cereal. I think the creamy on 9th is pretty nice, maybe they should just upgrade the one at Helaman to be like the one near Heritage. Good ideas.

  2. Same with Brooke, there's barely any fruits and veggies in the creamery. They sell more cookie dough than apples. Instead of just upgrading the creamery at Helamen Halls. They should just let us use our dining plus cards at the Creamery on ninth.

  3. Have you ever seen a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in a while and then try to clean it? Well it doesn't matter how much cleaner you use it's still going to look gross. The same way with the dorms. The cleaning checks are there so the dorms can get regular cleaning so they don't have to refurnish the dorms every year.

  4. Cleaning checks are also used to make sure that people who are really messy don't cause a fire hazard.

  5. I agree with Wil. If there weren't cleaning checks, half the people in the dorms would probably never clean. Can you imagine if no one ever cleaned their rooms or bathrooms?

  6. will, that is not a credible arguement...we dont clean the toilets, the janitors do hahahaha. i like the first idea, they need to add more healthy choices, else we will all gain the freshman 15 haha

  7. I agree with the first point... I really think you have a good argument there, because almost everyone wants to be healthy. Some people might say that there are healthy choices in the vending machines like apples, but often the apples are old, or they run out quickly. And they don't let you take apples and other fruits out of the cannon center. I've had several friends who have been told to either put it back, or to finish eating it before they leave. But the first opinion has enough validity, and speaking as a student in Helaman Halls you definitely have authority on this topic... i'd go with this one because I thinks its rather obvious that the dollar theater is a good idea, it already accepted as a good idea, and the dorm room checks have stronger counter-arguments.

  8. I agree with the idea of cleaning checks. Although cleanliness is good, it should be part of the honor code to trust the students.

  9. Kailey,

    Are there not cleaning checks in the dorms? I thought there were, at least in the ones with kitchens. I would double-check that you never have any, maybe the argument is they should be more frequent.

    Also, I would go to the Creamery and ask why they don't sell fruit. This will be the main thing you will need to talk about.

    Finally, there are "dollar theaters" in Provo. I think one of them costs $2 instead of just $1, but there are cheap theaters out there. Also, BYU does provide the free international cinema on campus.

  10. I don't quite understand what you're arguing against in your third claim. It's an interesting idea but make sure that you have and understand the counter arguments. I myself am not sure why someone would be against dollar theaters.


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