Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Op Ed Ideas

1) Claim: If a student at BYU voluntarily goes in to talk to their bishop with a repentant heartto clear up a mistake, the bishop should not report it as an honor code violation.
Reasons: Everyone makes mistakes, it will cause students to delay the repentance process, and Bishop's interviews should be confidential.
Assumption: Students may be hesitant to go in and talk to their bishops about a mistake they've made in fear that they could be kicked out of BYU.

2) Claim: The amout of time given for visiting hours should not be extended.
Reasons: We have visiting hours for the purpose of home teaching - not so members of the opposite sex can just hang out in our bedrooms, people already take advantage of visiting hours by closing the doors to their rooms when members of the opposite sex are in there, and extended visiting hours would make it more difficult for the R.A.s so regulate and patrol.
Assumption: Fewer visiting hours in dorms lessens the risk of morality problems.

3) Claim: The Cannon Center should be open more hour on Sundays.
Reasons: How are freshmen living in the dorms supposed to eat breakfast when it doesn't open until noon? It forces us to break the Sabbath because we get hungry after the Cannon closes at 5:00. For those of us who don't have church until noon (when the Cannon opens), we can't eat until 3:00.
Assumption: Opening the Cannon Center for more hours on Sundays will help freshmen living in the dorms be able to keep the Sabbath day holy, and to focus better during church.


  1. Regan,

    These are some good ideas. Now, I'm going to play the devil's advocate and tell you all the counterarguments or other ideas you could explore.

    For your first argument I see one main counterargument--sins have consequences, even if you are trying to repent. Think about how you are going to address this counterargument, specifically when compared to the idea that many people have to stop taking the sacrament, attending the temple, or participating in other church activities based on the seriousness of the sin.

    I don't think your second claim is actually an argument. As it is right now, there is no current change being made to the hours, so arguing things should stay the same is not really an argument. However, you could argue that students need to stop complaining about dorm hours and then give them the reasons why the dorm hours are sufficient. This would take essentially the same support, you're just coming at it from a different angle and your main audience is your fellow students.

    I think your third idea has a good point, when you focus on the required dining restrictions of freshman students, our religious beliefs about buying food on Sunday, and how many wards get out too late for students to eat dinner. You will want to find out just how many of the dorm wards get out late and include this number in your paper. Yes, some people are going to argue that the reason the hours are shorter is so that workers can enjoy their Sabbath and have time to worship and honor the day as well. You need to come up with a response to this counterargument. Just some things to think about.

  2. I really like the first topic you have for you paper. But, while I do agree with it, you have to consider there are always consequences for your sins. You can't commit a sin , expect to go to your bishop one time, and be forgiven. It is a much more complex process than that. And, did you know that it is up to the bishop to decide whether he will take it to the honor code office? My bishop during the summer told us that he has never had to go to the honor code to report a sin, even though he has had numerous people come talk to him.

  3. For the third opinion, I think that the counter argument might be using the same logos as you. After all, working on Sunday is also against the sabbath. So by extending hours, it would only create a need for more workers on the Sabbath. A counter-argument could also be to use your dining card in the Creamery to buy cereal and milk for Sundays, so you can eat your breakfast without going to the Cannon center. So we don't have to even go to the cannon center if people prepared and bought food for sandwiches etc. on Saturday like our parents did. In my own personal opinion I think the counter-argument is stronger...


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