Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Topic Paragraph- Alyssa Friedel

Each semester at BYU brings change and new problems arise. Throughout the years the number of BYU students has continued to increase. Many students want to come to BYU and enjoy in this wonderful campus. But with the growing population comes more complications with enough space on campus. A problem that seems to be quite an inconvenience to students, is parking on campus. At BYU there are designated parking spots that require a permit that only faculty receive. The assigned parking for students is the Y lot. But the problem is there seems to not be enough of these Y lots around campus. Some would say to go early to get a parking spot but by eight o clock all the spots are taken. This then results to students being late to class or getting a parking ticket for parking somewhere else. BYU needs to take care of this problem with parking if they are going to continue increasing the number of students that get accepted.

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