Monday, January 11, 2010

Topic Paragraph - Austin Huntsman

After one semester of eating at the Center every day I decided that their must be a better way to eat my meals. It always seemed to me like the food was mediocre and on days when it was good, the lines to get the food took way too long. Also what are students supposed to do after the Cannon Center closes? It usually closes at 8 but on the weekends it is closed by 6. I know that I often get hungry later than that and I would like to eat something other than snacks out of the vending machines. In Helaman Halls there is a kitchen in each building's basement however, to prepare and cook a meal down there takes a lot of time which as college students is a limited resource. There is also a rule that students in Helaman Halls are not allowed to use small appliances in their rooms. I have had multiple small appliances that can quickly cook food and I can see how useful they would be to a busy student. I know that I would be glad to see a change made to this rule and I think that other students would appreciate it as well.

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