Saturday, January 9, 2010

Op Ed - Steven Kinyon

#1 BYU Football Recruiting.
Argument: Can BYU recruit star athletes that will follow a strict honor code?
Reason: Most athletes don't want to follow an a strict honor code.
Claim: BYU's 2010 Recruiting class was full of talent but some of the players on it have already violated the honor code.
Assumption: BYU can recruit top of the line athletes if they are willing to comply with the honor code.

#2 TCU and Boise St BCS match ups
Argument: TCU should of matched up with Florida and Boise State should of matched up with Cincinnati or visa versa or even the national championship.
Reason:Both Schools finished undefeated in the regular season and come from conferences that have to prove they can play with the powerhouse conferences.
Claim: This proves that the BCS is scared after having Utah and Boise State already beat powerhouse teams from previous years before.
Assumption: TCU and Boise State deserve a shot at those other teams, rather than against each other, or even a shot at a National Championship.

#3 Not being able to take food out of Cannon center.
Argument: Students who eat at the Cannon center should be able to take food out with them.
Reason: The food is paid for, why does it matter?
Claim: Why does it matter if I eat a donut inside the cannon center or outside of it? Either way I'm gonna eat it. We all pay for it.
Assumption: Students should be able take as much food as they want considering that the Cannon Center is a "All you can eat Buffet."


  1. Your second argument is compelling and interesting, but currently it isn't relevant to BYU. In order to do so, try tying in the problems with the BCS and how they effect BYU or how BYU should maybe consider moving to a conference with an automatic bid or something to that extent.

  2. I could agree with you on students being able to take food out of the Cannon Center, but to an extent. I know some girls that tried sneaking out about 20 pieces of fruit, which is a ridiculous amount, and caught in the process. On the other hand, I have once walked out of the Cannon Center with a half-eaten cookie, and they got mad at me for that, which is ridiculous. I think there should be a limit to how much you could bring out, like a to-go sized box of food or something, but I would be angry to see anyone taking out bags of fruit or some over sized load they might never eat.

  3. I agree with your first idea that it would be a lot better if we could find top caliber athletes that will follow the honor code. You have to remember this is BYU. It is hard enough for BYU to get the best mormon high school football players to come and play here, much less any other top high school recruits. If they can land a good recruit that isn't mormon and he agrees to follow the honor code, then it isn't BYU's fault later when he breaks it and gets caught. He chose to make a dumb decision after already knowing the rules.

  4. Steven, I addressed your first argument on another post. Keep in mind that your underlying assumption for this argument is that BYU feels that winning games is more important than the honor code. I don't think that's the case, so you have to sell both the importance of winning at sports and the concept of getting rid of the honor code in order to win.

    We talked about backpacks in the Cannon in class and I would say read some of the other posts about bowl related games.


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