Monday, January 11, 2010

Topic Paragraph

" Scoot in Please"
As a large university BYU has many classes that some might consider "giant." With some classes reaching almost 700 students it is a common trend for seats to be difficult to find. That difficulty is escalated by the fact that students decide to fill up the seats from the aisles in, rather from the center out. I am not sure where the habit is derived from, but everyone at BYU seems to have learned it. Students should use common decency and sit in the middle seats first and they should also not leave spaces between each other. This creates a disturbance to both the teacher and the students who are trying to focus on the class. When people leave empty seats between each other they make the class look fuller than it really is and cause people to wander around searching for a seat. Plus, students stepping, climbing, and crawling over and around other students is really loud and distracting. Classes would start out much better and teachers wouldn't have to compete for students attention if the seat finding process was simplified.

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