Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Topic Paragraph - Matthew Green

A new semester is upon us. With this new semester, has come several changes to how things are done here at BYU. Students are informed of these changes for the most part, through email. It was a surprise to me when I read the email regarding backpacks at the Cannon Center. It stated that "items left unattended in common spaces will be collected and transferred to the University lost and found office." Not only are students not allowed to take their backpacks in, but now they aren't even allowed to leave them outside, unless through use of the cubicles, which are full most of the time. Students should be allowed to take their backpacks into the Cannon Center because it will allow them to study and eat at the same time. BYU shows that they can't trust the very students who they expect to follow the Honor Code by forcing them to leave their stuff outside, in fear of food being taken. What can honestly be taken from the Cannon Center anyways? Who in their right mind would really try to hide a plate of lasagna in their backpack. Some students don't have enough time between classes to have to go home to put their backpacks down and come back to eat. It's time for a change.

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