Sunday, January 10, 2010

Topic Paragraph. Steven Kinyon

BYU's honor code is set for all students to comply and follow by. The University has set a high standard about what we as a student body and University strive to live by. For the most part, the honor code is very stable and agreeable to follow regarding some issues such as the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, dress and appearance and other such things. I personally agree with most of these concepts, but when it comes to keeping a clean male appearance is where I find it difficult and unreasonable to follow. The men should be able to grow facial hair and scalp hair to reasonable lengths of desire. We as male students have to keep our hair neatly trimmed and can't have any facial hair not including mustaches. BYU denying a student from: coming to class, eating in the cannon center or even taking a test is an unjust thing to do just because simply we forgot to shave, or maybe even our sideburns are too long. Some of us guys have a hard time keeping up on shaving, especially with work, school, family etc. It just looks like an act of disrespect to reject someone from testing or eating for something so silly, its almost as if you deny someone access to something because of their race or skin color. It might not be to that degree but it is ridiculous. I find it ironic how was have strict guidelines about having a clean shaven face and short hair when we have pictures of our Savior, Brigham Young and other prophets with long hair and facial hair, the very men we all strive to live like but we can't have those privileges. Of course this is a new day and age, but still the fact is that BYU should be a little more merciful on its grooming standards and not be as strict.

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