Saturday, January 9, 2010

OP Ed Ideas- Brittany Gearheart

Y-parking Lot shuttle:
Argument: BYU should provide a shuttle that carries students from Y parking lots to campus.
Reason: It would make it a lot easier to get to class.
Claims: Students wouldn't have to walk 15-20 minutes just to get to class.
Claims: Students who drive could leave for school at sensible times.
Claims: Truancy and Tardiness would decrease.
Assumption: Students would be more willing to go to class if it was made easier.

Argument: Having a two-day class choice period for BYU freshman is unfair.
Reasons: Students can not get into classes they really need.
Claims: Those students who are allowed to pick on the first choice day fill up most of the classes.
Claims: Adding and Dropping classes would be a lot less complicated the first day of school.
Claims: All students pay the same tuition and should be provided the same opportunities.
Assumption: Class choice should be set up in a way that allows first day "pickers" to fill up a half of the class, leaving the second half for the second day "pickers". (does that make sense ?)

Argument: BYU should still require HEPE as a general course.
Reason: Most Students wouldn't put forth the effort of excersize unless it was manditory.
Claims: HEPE allows students a chance to excersize
Claims: After making it a habit in class, students would continue to excersize after that class was finished
Assumption: By making HEPE required, BYU students would develop healthy habits.


  1. Your #1 argument seems to be your strongest. It's an excellent idea. I think you could add the claim that students would be more attentive to learning due to the fact that they were able to sleep more, knowing that the shuttle would be there. A problem not addressed however, is that of the available parking in Y-lots, which is very little. Maybe more parking could be added to your argument.

  2. As far as the HEPE argument goes, I think a valid point would be to bring up the fact that most Americans are obese. If you linked that in, it would add validity to your argument.

  3. Brittany,

    Just keep in mind what some of the counter arguments and restraints are on your topics. Where would the money come from to pay for a shuttle? Why should BYU be responsible to get you on campus? Also, think about space restraints. Parking lots require space to create. I'm not saying give up on this argument, I'm just saying you need to consider all sides. The HEPE argument is also an interesting one, I'm not up to speed on the details but I think that Nate makes a good comment about the obesity statistics and discussing what the rationale behind cutting this class was.


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