Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Topic Paragraph - Jake Lessie

Helaman Halls should lengthen their visiting hours in the dorm rooms. Four hours a week is simply too short, and with the added conflict of homework, ward prayer, and other activities, these mere four hours can easily be depleted to none. College is a time where students are making a jump, where they are now independent from their parents. It is a time where we start making our own decisions, and find what is best for us. It is also a time to make life long friends, and possibly find the person we want to spend the rest of eternity with. So how are we able to do these things if we have only fours hours or less each week to spend time with people in our own rooms? Lengthening visiting hours can also keep people from visiting when they aren't supposed to, while at the same time, keeping them out of trouble. Most can agree, that lengthening visiting hours at Helaman Halls will benefit the students so that they can be more social, and make more friends to keep for the rest of their lives.

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