Saturday, January 9, 2010

Op Ed Topic - Garrett McClintock

I am going to write my Op Ed about how BYU should be looking for either a MWC autobid, or moving to an auto bid conference. It would give BYU the best shot at winning a national championship in football, sooner. It would be easier to get a high ranking and get into the NC game, where they could prepare for a month, rather than have to play USC one week, Texas the next, and Florida in the national title game. There is a desparity between big BCS schools, and smaller schools because of the BCS, and because of this, the odds are against BYU in a playoff because they are not getting the same caliber athletes. A team can play the game of their lives once to win it all, but it is VERY unlikely they can do that week in and week out against teams with superior raw talent.

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  1. Something to consider, maybe as part of the assumption, would be what teams should play in the title game. By that i mean should it be the 2 best teams in college football as proven through regular season performance, or through a playoff, or something else. I dont know if that makes much sense. I guess i wonder if a team deserves to be national champs by winning one game, rather than by proving themselves. However, I think we both can agree that the BCS should be done away with or changed in some way. Hopefully you can understand what i'm trying to say in this post. I couldnt say it very clearly.


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