Monday, January 11, 2010

OpEd Topic Paragraph

Communication is a vital part of teaching, both inside and outside of classrooms. BYU’s current method of communicating outside of classrooms is through the server Blackboard. This allows teachers to post documents, quizzes, and grades, which the students can then access. However, Blackboard is no longer an effective tool for communication between teachers and students, because it is not a rare occurrence for there to be glitches and flaws throughout the Blackboard system. Often times, quizzes teachers post, do not show up, or sometimes even whole courses do not appear on Blackboard. However, there is a better way to communicate this same information. Last semester, one of my classes had us test drive a server called Brainhoney. Brainhoney had all the features of Blackboard, plus new ones, and was more dependable than Blackboard.
-Emily R

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