Friday, February 5, 2010

Jake Lessie - Intro and First Body

Globalization and militarism, though may seem different, are in turn helping each other. Globalization promotes the ideas of unrest, inequality, conflict, and war; Militarism is all about war. The economic inequalities between the superpower nations and third world countries have increased because of globalization, and the result is an increasing number of civil wars in the third world countries. The article “The Relation Between Globalization and Militarism” by Steven Staples, presents some very persuasive arguments including the establishment of ethos, how conflicts are growing in the world, how the World Trade Organization fuels war, and the threats superpowers pose to globalization.
Ethos is the credibility the author establishes for himself or herself. First off, Steven Staples works under the Crime and Social Justice Associations. Working under this association and under social justice, has greatly established his ethos, especially under this topic. Throughout the article, Staples has made many facts throughout history. For example, BAE systems, a military contracts company, has greatly influenced government regulations, and has even designed export controls to countries at war, so that they can make a profit in that country. These arguments do seem logical, and establish credibility to Staples, helping him make a persuasive argument.


  1. I think you need to change your thesis a bit. For the RA your not supposed to say what arguments he is making, but what literary devices he uses to make his argument and whether they are effective or not. Ethos is a good start, but I think the rest should change.

  2. I think the first part of your thesis is a key point and you do a great job following up with it in your next paragraph, but the rest of your thesis isn't really analyzing the article. Look more at the ways he makes those arguments and you should have a strong thesis.

  3. I think your intro is really good, but would probably work better if you used it later on in your analysis and showed how the author proved those points. It sounds a little too opinionated for an analysis. Your first paragraph is really good.

  4. I, like the others, like your intro, maybe there is some way to support your thesis a little better with that first paragraph. I think you could draw it out little more and explain more how he establishes ethos througout the article. Good start!


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