Sunday, February 21, 2010

Issues Paper - Jake Lessie

I was originally going to pick Gun Control as my topic, but someone else had already picked that. If that's still okay, I was specifically going to look at other countries' gun laws, and relate that to the safety and well being their citizens while relating to the US currently trying to change it's gun laws.

If not okay, I'll do the speculations of true/false evidence of Global Warming.


  1. You can still do gun control. It's fine if more than one person does the same topic, you will each bring your own slant to it.

  2. Jake,

    If you do gun control here's the advice I gave another student:

    Good start. You will also want to address the Second Amendment and the concerns people have about losing this right, as this is your main opposition and ultimately your audience. I would suggest you visit several Pro and Anti gun control websites to get an idea of what each side is using to argue.

  3. I'm also interested in doing gun control. I'm probably the other student who "took it" but i'm glad to see you can still do that topic as well. :) I really like the way you're headed with your paper. That's about what I had in mind as well. Comparing other countries gun control laws and how the safety of their citizens has been affected by it to the United States because we're currently undergoing changes. Just make sure to get a variety of examples and know both sides like Miss Larsen said, and I'll hopefully remember to do the same.

  4. With so much research available to you on this topic it should be easy to get the necessary information, the problem may lie in trying to make it your own, original twist.


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