Saturday, February 20, 2010

Issues Topic

I am planning on writing my issues paper on online gambling and the need for global regulation.


  1. Is global regulation of the Internet even possible? This might be an unreasonable request. However, you could deal specifically with several countries, set up the need, and then make suggestions for how it can be regulated in those countries. You will want to look into the current laws in place for gambling when making this argument.

  2. regulation could be done by monitoring the sites that sponsor. I think that is the only way to regulate the usage and quantity by consumers. Fine sponsors for not follow the rules/regulations and that would create the incentive to have the sponsors regulate on their own. I am not too familiar with the topic, but good luck..

  3. May I suggest that you simply argue that online gambling is having harmful affects worldwide? The more I think about regulations, the harder and more complex it is.


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